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HouseNet is an advertising service for UK properties for sale. We do not advertise properties outside of the UK, or properties for rent.

HouseNet is not an estate agency, and as such DOES NOT:

  • Keep information about properties other than the information available to view online (you should contact the person selling the property for this information).
  • Maintain a brochure of properties advertised on our site in any form other than the web site.
  • Make any money from a sale resulting from an advert placed on our site.
  • Have any information regarding the progress/success of the sale of any of the properties on our site.

We can afford to provide a free service because the facilities to search our site and add/modify/delete adverts are provided online for visitors to our site to use in their own time, without our intervention. This means that we do not have to spend time (and money!) performing trivial administrative tasks.

This means that we DO NOT:

  • Actively search for a property suited to the requirements of an individual (you should use an estate agent for this).
  • Carry out routine administration or modifications to advertisements, except in circumstances where the owner of the advert is unable to do so (such as loss of password etc.).

For information on advertising on our site see and contact us for a current advertising price guide.

For more information on the HouseNet service, please send mail to , or write to us at the following address:

						HouseNet, Ryland Technology Ltd,
						Prospect House,
						Crendon Street,
						High Wycombe,
						HP13 6LA.

						Tel: 01494 472707